Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Great Features of Natwest online Banking

Learn about some Great Features of Natwest online Banking System,

1. account Details

When you have Natwest online banking activated, you can access all the information about your account by just going to the bank website and login to your bank account. If you have more than 1 account, all accounts will be listed their separately, each showing every detail about your payment, amount of money you have and the number of transactions made up to date.


You can get your account’s mini statement any time via online baking. Mini statements are necessary to track the transactions that are being made into your accounts.

As said earlier, with Natwest Online Banking, there is no need for you to go at any branch physically and wait in queue for your turn. You can quickly transfer money among any number of accounts you want by just going online.


If you are a CEO of a company and want to pay your employees, there is nothing more easier and better than Natwest Online Banking. All you have to do is to specifiy the accounts of your employees, specify the amount to transfer and hit the transfer button.

5.Online Statements

You can order your bank statements online so that it completely exits the chance of having any theft in the form of fake bank statements coming via mails.



  1. Security. Even with top of the line security systems online banks offer, there is of course an increased risk for identity theft or fraud when your personal data is accessible online.

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